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Customer On-Site Blow Molding

1-Day Course

This is a Blow Mold training program for your employees that will improve your blow molding operations.  This training program is designed to be conducted at your facility where plant personnel have access to the equipment they will be operating and maintaining. This is a comprehensive program designed to cover machine operation, safety, basic maintenance, and troubleshooting.  The training sessions typically last 8 hours and you are asked to provide a TV, VCR and a training room.

I. Introduction

a. High Density Polyethelene Production
b. Important polymer properties
c. Resin Distribution

II. Resin Processing characteristics

a. Heat and Pressure effects
b. Plastic Swell and Flare Characteristics

III. Blow Molding Overview

a. Types of Machinery
b. Blow Molding Techniques

IV. Material Conveying Systems

a. Silo
b. Preblend Systems
Hopper Loaders

V. Blow Molding Machine

a. Extruder Operation
b. Drive System
c. Control Panel
d. Machine Limit Switches
e. Hydraulics
f. Clamp
g. Pneumatic System
h. Blowpins and Prefinish Systems
i. Manifold Chokes
j. Head Tooling, Oval Dies
k. Molds
l. Stripper
m. Swing Arm & Cooling Bed
n. Trimmer
o. Regrind System

VI. Safety

a. Operator Safety
b. Machine Safety Switches and Alarms

VII. Processing

a. Start Up & Shut Down Techniques
b. Common Bottle Problems and Solutions
c. Trouble Shooting Methods
d. Contemination Investigation

VIII. Machine Side Training

a. Location of all Components
b. Start Up & Shut Down Procedures
c. Routine Adjustments
    Bottle Weights
    Parison Lenghths
    Cycle Time
d. Safety

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