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  • Train all personnel at one time in one location on your equipment
  • Lower costs per employee with increased emphasis on Safety, Quality and Productivity
  • Employees spend less time away from job and less travel time
  • Training can be customized to focus on the needs of the company


The following

Blowmold Training Course

is being offered on-site at your location on your Uniloys.

This in-house Blowmold Training program emphasizes machine operation. The course blowmold training doctorcontent rates on safe operations, high density polyethylene terminology, testing, process description, machine sequence, start-up, proper adjustments, bottle quality and machine performance.

Each student is provided with a personal copy of very comprehensive hand-outs in a three ring binder which covers the topics included in this course.

The Blowmold training course concludes with a 25 question test reviewing the material covered. Successful completion of the course earns the student a certificate of achievement.

Additional Topics Covered:

  • material handling
  • machine hydraulics
  • the electrical system
  • machine pneumatics
  • the cooling system
  • the extruder
  • the extrusion head
  • extrusion tooling
  • the clamp area
  • blow pins
  • advantages & disadvantages of Ovalized tooling


training class

 Live training class at customers facility.

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  • Safety 
  • Quality 
  • Productivity 
  • Company Needs 
  • Your Equipment  

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